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Cuddling in the old people’s and nursing home

Based on the holding therapy of Jirina Prekop, we offer you body sessions in a soft and gentle form. Cuddling and being held. Both are very still, breathe together, come quietly into the body, feel, close the eyes, listen to the silence or the music and enjoy the physical closeness. The warmth, the being held. Of course you can also talk or whisper about preoccupying or touching topics during this enjoyment and stillness.

This form of cuddling helps to relax. It also helps to come into peace and harmony with suppressed or difficult feelings. To feel them and let them go. It helps you to recharge your energy, to get into your body and heart. It is a treatment without pressure and without stress.

Cuddling in old people’s and nursing homes
What can cuddling help with in old people’s and nursing homes?
Do you feel powerless, alone or lonely?
Would you like to be held without time pressure?
Do you have the need to feel feelings of security, love or being loved?
Would you like to release your sadness in the arms of someone?
Is there no one there for you to hold and cuddle for longer?

For these needs, cuddling / holding therapy / bonding can really work wonders.It releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which is a booster on all levels of the body and mind. It also strengthens the immune system. But what else can oxytocin do? Triggered by the pleasant sensory perception and trust, the body produces oxytocin, which reduces stress, activates the reward system and thus promotes well-being. Oxytocin strengthens interpersonal trust and empathy.

It is important to surrender to your needs of closeness and security. Human needs that nourish the heart, mind and soul are important, among other things, for a healthy human being, especially in old age. We support you in finding your way back to …….

Why can cuddling be something for you?


Maybe you just don’t have any closeness to anyone any more. Maybe you are reading this as a daughter or son and would like to give your mother or father some cuddly security. Or maybe you just want to lie down with someone for a while and amuse yourself together.


Why we would like to offer cuddling / holding / bonding in a nursing home?


Our practice has many years of practical experience in living interpersonal relationships. Our clientele also includes people in old age, with limited mobility or other physical or mental handicaps. We have set ourselves the task of bringing more love, understanding and interpersonal closeness among people. With the aim of bringing more harmony, balance and peace of mind into people’s lives. It is not for nothing that one reaps what one sows. We prefer to sow cordiality and friendliness. To take a person as he or she is, without prejudice, to see with the heart – this is our philosophy. Which we are happy to share with you, if you like. It is very important to us that seniors living in Switzerland in particular feel happy and seen.



Who is our cuddling/holding/bonding therapist?

Linda has been working in the team at Amantara in Basel for almost 2 years. Her work includes classical massage, cuddling or bonding, as well as courses and coaching. She cares for the souls of our clients. She truly loves this work with all her heart.

Linda also likes to think of her grandmother, who is unfortunately no longer with us. When she was still alive, she visited her grandmother certainly every 2 months and took a lot of time to hug her 96 year old grandmother in the old people’s home many times. She told her very often how much she enjoyed her hugs each time. It often made Linda sad to know that her grandmother had hardly received any more interpersonal closeness. Unfortunately, in the daily routine of the nursing staff, there is understandably no time for cuddles.

So a strong awareness remained in Linda that elderly people and people in need of care in general suffer a lot from the withdrawal of physical closeness in old age as well as in younger years. She would like to counter this fact with her cuddling/holding/bonding offer.

We now offer appointments and Linda will visit you directly in the home.



If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment for a home visit or for the rest of our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply contact us right here.