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Ich bin an folgenden Tagen für Dich da:

Justina has got a working student internship in Germany.
Therefore she has no capacities for us at the moment.
We wish Justina all the best and much success. 
We hope to see you soon…

Ich kann mich in folgenden Sprachen mit Dir unterhalten:


How are you defining love?

Love is one of the things in life that when you share it, it grows even bigger. A feeling that the most important thing in life is, because without love for something, be it a person or for example for his work, the whole life is empty and unfulfilling.

What is good s.. to you?

This is a secret of mine, it is not relevant for a Tantra massage.

Is a tantric massage arousing for you?

It’s always situation-dependent, I’d say sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Have you changed since you giving tantra massages? If so, how?

Yes I did. I have a better body feeling to myself, have no challenge with self touch and have thus also the most beautiful orgasms that I have never had before.

Apart from the sexual, it has made me somehow calmer as a person, the massages simply give me something calming and also steadfastness, sounds crazy, but is soJ to give people closeness and to know you to do something good, is for me a fulfilling feeling.

What do you enjoy most when you see a customer for the first time?

I look forward to getting to know a new individual and doing him something good.

What do you enjoy most about a regular customer?

Regulars are great, to see familiar faces is nice in the sense that there is already a familiar basis, the conversations can go even deeper and during the massage, one already knows more exactly what the guest likes, as at the first meeting(s).

Which means to you: Being a woman?

Do I actually find a good but also difficult question. First of all, when I think of a woman, I think of the aesthetics of the woman’s body, and of a soft and warm being. Empathy and understanding are part of being a woman, as well as giving the love that he needs.

Sometimes just a hug without saying much and giving the comforting feeling that someone is there for you right now is enough.

Why do you work at Amantara GmbH?

Very simple: Tantra massages are beautiful, I love to give it and this is exactly why I am at Amantara.

Where do you find your spirituality in everyday life?

Almost every day I meditate, to relax, to strengthen or to vision, it is always different.

How do you live and show your natural nudity?

Clearly during the massage. But I also like to go to the nudist lake and to the sauna in winter.

What are you doing personally, for a more loving world?

I give many people LOVE and affection, which they may lack by massaging them.
Kundenmeinungen betreffend den Massagen von Justina:


Tantramassage – ein Weg zu sich selbst

Liebe Justina
Ich möchte mich mit diesem Feedback für die Massage herzlich bedanken. Deine “schönen” Hände haben mich gehalten, mich nicht nur äusserlich, sondern auch innerlich berührt. Dabei hast Du mir einen Raum von Vertrauen und Geborgenheit gegeben, indem ich mich angenommen fühlte. Daraus konnte die Sinnlichkeit sich wieder entwickeln und mir die sexuelle Kraft spürbar machen. Dafür, herzlichen Dank. Danke auch für Dein “natürliches”, offenes, unkompliziertes und liebevolles Wesen.
Es war für mich sehr schön.

Mark Tantramassage Profi 120 Minuten 14.12.2019


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