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Masseuse and Coach by Amantara


Couple massage courses

Linda is here for you on the following days:

Mittwoch, den 07. Dezember 2022 von 14.00 bis 22.00
Dienstag, den 13. Dezember 2022 von 17.00 bis 22.00
Donnerstag, den 15. Dezember 2022 von 14.00 bis 22.00
Montag, den 19. Dezember 2022 von 14.00 bis 22.00
Mittwoch, den 21. Dezember 2022 von 14.00 bis 22.00

Linda can converse with you in the following languages:


Customer testimonials regarding Linda’s massages:

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It hardly gets any better than this

A wonderful massage, just the right mix of gentleness and strength. Thank you Linda, we will see you again in October

J. Klassische Ganzkörpermassage 14.09.2022

Time to relax

I was able to really let go and relax for the first time in a long time. Thank you for that! Your sensitive and considerate manner helped me to get rid of my initial nervousness immediately. And your touch quickly made me forget my everyday worries. Your massage was outstanding 🙂

Andi klassische Ganzkörpermassage 22.05.2022

Closeness and security

Dear Linda I was recently able to enjoy a wonderful cuddling experience. The closeness and the touch were wonderful and I am very grateful to you that you responded to me so sensitively and without prejudice. After about 2 years at a distance without much physical touch, this offer is all the more valuable. See you soon and best regards R

R Kuscheln / Festhaltetherapie / Bonding 01.05.2022

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