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Tantra Masseuse by Amantara


Classic Tantra Massage
Professional Tantra Massage
Therapeutic Tantra Massage

I am available to offer you my services on the following days:

Montag, den 03. August 2020 von 09.00 bis 18.00
Mittwoch, den 05. August 2020 von 10.30 bis 20.00
Donnerstag, den 06. August 2020 von 09.00 bis 18.00
Montag, den 24. August 2020 von 12.00 bis 21.00
Donnerstag, den 27. August 2020 von 09.00 bis 18.00
Freitag, den 28. August 2020 von 09.00 bis 18.00
Samstag, den 29. August 2020 von 10.30 bis 19.00


We are able to communicate in the following languages:



Have you noticed any changes within you since you’ve started tantric massaging? If so, what kind?

Encounters are stimulating because there is a lot of beauty and inspiration in everyone’s bloom. The calmness that comes with a massage always brings me back to me.

What do you consider good S..?

It can be an adventure or celebrating being together in a gentle way through a deep connection. For me, good sex grows from successful communication, being present and a lot of feeling. It is a way of discovering a world, to recognize and unite. The bliss I feel in the room afterwards has always been my teacher.

Why do you work at the Amantara cooperation?

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn how to receive energy and healing through the body.

How do you incorporate spirituality into your daily life?

Spirituality is continuously taking on a more dominant role in my life. Sometimes it means taking pause or being mindful, communication or distance to the things happening around me. Deciding to be authentic and always consciously preparing the path towards that.

What personal contribution do you make for a more loving environment?

A respectful distance to what I see in the outside world and within myself. To allow uneasy feelings, to support the free nature of an animal or to know my pain. Living by the standards of respect, patience, compassion and mindfulness.

What does being a woman mean to you?

To me it means being in my strength and responsibility. Knowing the past of the male and female, taking responsibility for the future. Having the ability to perform healing tasks with the aid of warmth, sensuality and intuitive intelligence. Taking responsibility for the balance of the soul which we carry out into the world. But above all, to me, it means to be free, to feel, to be wild and to find myself predominately in beauty and creativity.

How do you define love?

It is a principle of creation and wants to be seen and realized, it encourages to be weak and to heal. It is a maturation process to make people golden. Isn’t it the only reason for our existence with all its countless challenges and joys?

What do you enjoy most about repeat customers?

Being able to immerse yourself in the world of someone else and experiencing the potential for change and development individually as well as together. Building a relationship centered on sexuality, communication, and awareness allows me to better understand the failure of communities and other connections.

What do you enjoy most about meeting a customer for the first time?

I experience a lot of joy and gratitude when someone decides to walk the path of self-recognition and healing. For some people it is the beginning of an eternal journey, others find themselves in the middle of it already. It is to gauge where and how you can give a lot to each other and to discover, support and meet people at the point of their inner journey, which provides me with tremendous excitement prior to a new encounter.

How do you live out your nudity?

I completely listen to my mood and trust my surroundings. Overall I am pretty free and open minded when it comes to nudity.

What exactly is Tantra?

An encounter aimed at awakening, discovering and feeling deeply and intimately. Creating and becoming aware of sexual energies as well as their transformation in order to use them wisely. People who experience healing through their sexuality and choose to seek more closeness to themselves can find this through Tantra and its many possibilities. A successful tantric encounter results from the knowledge of authentic self-expression.

Why don’t you like being touched by me during the massage?

During the moment of giving, I experience a stillness, concentration and function as a flow of energy. Every conscious touch of yours shifts the centre and the meaning of the massage. Before we even begin, we make a decision on what position each of us has: you as the recipient, I as the giver. During the massage, I am fully present for your experience and wish for us to not be distracted from the topic that is „you“. If the impulse arises, you of course shouldn’t suppress or conceal it and are welcome to verbally communicate it to me afterwards. Nevertheless, Tantra is a means of exercising concentration and control of consciousness as well as self-knowledge. The result would be a shift in meaning and focus. But of course please do not be scared if you find yourself touching me unintentionally.


This is what our customers say about Theresa’s massage service:


Tantramassage und geschehen lassen

Liebe Theresa
Die gestrige Tantramassage war für mich besonders und die passenden Worte fehlen mir. Dieses zweite Mal konnte ich mehr ins Vertrauen finden, in Dich und mich, mich deshalb besser einlassen, geschehen lassen. Weil ich “lassen” nicht machen kann, war es wie ein besonderes Geschenk. Dank Deinen achtsamen Berührungen, Deinem Wesen, Deiner intuitiven Weisheit bin ich über die Sinnlichkeit und meiner Sexualität zu mir gelangt. Dabei hat sich das Herz unerwartet geöffnet und ich konnte es zuslassen und auf einem lange schon angetretenen Heilweg weitergehen. Ich bin noch ganz erfüllt davon.
Ich danke Dir sehr für diese Erfahrung.

Mark Tantamassage Profi 14.03.2020


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