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Our Team, which is here for you today:

From Monday 27. April 2020 we are highly here for you again! We even have a long time after you.
In order that we may welcome you, our whole team has developed a protection concept that helps us to treat you in a protected way.
What is important for you to know in advance:

  • We won’t shake your hand.
  • We keep before and after the session distance.
  • We wear masks during the treatment at the moment.
  • We ask you to hang up and take your jacket yourself.
  • We have cleaned our rooms very well and intensively during the closed phase. However, we always do this before and after your visit.
  • For many years we have been using effective microorganisms to clean our premises and laundry, which create a positive skin and air environment.
  • We ask you to wash/disinfect your hands with us.
  • We ask you to take a shower and wash your body with soap.
  • We can only serve you if you contact us with your telephone number/ e-mail address and your name.
  • If you have any flu symptoms, please stay at home.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with information.
PS: If you prefer to stay at home, our free telephone consultation would certainly be something for you.



Customer Reviews:

Danke für diese Reise… Danke für deine achtsame und liebevolle Begleitung… Danke für deinen Respekt… Das Schönste daran: Ich darf diese Gelassenheit und glühende Wärme in mir weitertragen und weiterschenken… Danke Heike Michael

Michael Classic 04.10.2017

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