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Who we are and what we do

Sexual energy is the strongest force in human life. To use this resource for well-being and development is our main and heartfelt concern.

We are Amantara, the practice for tantric bodywork in Basel. Since 2008 we have been committed to a mindful and responsible approach to sexual power in tantric body therapy.

The sacral chakra is considered the centre of sexual energy. It is located between the navel and the pubic bone in the abdomen and it controls the sexual activities and the downward flowing body fluids.

We specialise in issues related to its energy, as long as they do not belong in conventional medical treatment. In our work we refer to Tantra according to Andro (1941-2019), and to homeopathy according to Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

To be able to live one’s own sexuality in the way that suits oneself, we consider a fundamental right of every individual to their personal expression. In order to find this, we can offer reliable and trustworthy support.

Our support is based on years of experience and continuous training. The practical tools are: tantra massage, tantra yoga, bonding (holding therapy) and classical massages. Counselling sessions and homeopathic indications are the second pillar of our treatment offer. We are convinced that we will also find a profitable solution for your concerns.

Disorders in love life often cause feelings of shame and guilt. These do not make it any easier to bring up the issues from below the belt.

We would like to warmly encourage you to do just that! Within our framework, we can address your issues and work on them together. So that a more lustful, fulfilled and happy sexuality becomes possible, which comes from the heart and leads to more love.

Anti-sect explanation:

We are not a cult and we do not have gurus. Even though in certain areas and situations we recommend and support community building (social togetherness, mutual support, promoting one’s own strengths and powers, individualisation, freedom and commitment, etc.) in a positive sense.

We reject groups and individuals who curtail the human right to free will. Man was given free will by nature. We respect, love and support this. Those who live and respect free will have confidence in life.

Professional confidentiality:

We all work very professionally, with a focus on your health. So we also take notes on conversations and sessions so that we don’t have to start all over again. However, we would like to officially state here that we are all subject to the Swiss health system’s duty of confidentiality. We respect this and keep.