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A healing journey!

I had almost completely lost my interest in sex after my divorce and the specific circumstances around it. I decided to give Tantra a try with a hope that a sexual wound and scar could be healed through the incorporation of my own sexuality within myself again.

So, for that I have reached out to Theresa first in September 2020 and once again some weeks ago in February 2021. Theresa was very kind, understanding and helpful not only on the massage but also on the consultation, which helped me a lot on understanding that I could feel and accept love (and “lust”) to be given to me again.

The first session was a bit more an introduction and assessment for me as a new “pupil” in the Tantra world. But on the second session I was able to deeply connect myself to my own body and to Theresa (as she acted as a channel to my sexual energy) in an almost out of body experience! I felt deeply taken care of throughout the whole session! I am looking forward to see Theresa again to continue with this process, and am now excited to meet a new lover with whom I can get a even deeper connection that goes beyond the one coming from a master-pupil relationship.

I’m grateful to Theresa for sparkling that missing fire within myself again!

Daniel Tantra Massage Classic 17.03.2021