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Cuddling / Holding Therapy / Bonding

Based on the holding therapy of Jirina Prekop, we offer you body sessions in a soft and gentle form, cuddling and being held tightly.

We are very still, breathe together, get deep into the body, feel, close the eyes, listen to the silence or the music and enjoy the physical closeness. Of course, during this enjoyment and stillness, we can talk or whisper about preoccupying and/or touching topics.

This form of cuddling helps to relax, to feel and let go of feelings – perhaps even difficult ones, to recharge your batteries and to really get in touch with yourself. It is a treatment without pressure, without stress. A deep psychological healing.

We have all experienced situations in our lives where we would have liked to be held. Where we were alone and lonely, so we then often developed a negative attitude towards being alone or lonely. Often, this has also resulted in very deep, emotional and/or psychological injuries. We definitely want to heal these with this.

What can cuddling, holding therapy or bonding help with?
Do you feel powerless, unmotivated, alone, lonely?
Would you like to be held and touched without pressure to perform?
Would you like to feel feelings of security, love and/or being loved?
Would you like to release sadness in someone’s arms?

For these needs, cuddling / holding therapy / bonding can really work wonders. Cuddling / holding therapy / bonding releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which is a booster on all levels of the body and mind. It also strengthens the immune system. But what else can oxytocin do? Triggered by the pleasant sensations and trust, the body produces oxytocin, which reduces stress, activates the reward system and thus promotes well-being. Oxytocin can strengthen interpersonal trust and empathy, relax, as well as boost self-confidence.

Sign up now and make an appointment, we’ll be happy to cuddle you wholeheartedly.

It is important that you surrender to your needs of closeness and security.
Human needs are important, among other things, for being a healthy human being.

Who is cuddling / holding therapy / bonding suitable for?

This type of therapy is suitable for people who really want to be held, who can close their eyes, sink into themselves, talk about their feelings, who want to relax.

The purpose of cuddling / holding therapy / bonding is to relax, as well as to promote well-being. Cuddling is about the cuddled person allowing him/herself to be picked up by the cuddler. This can be physical or/and energetic. One should and is allowed to arrive in time – to let oneself fall completely – into a heartfelt embrace.

Cuddling / holding therapy / bonding is suitable in trauma therapy and with emotional blockages. For example, after a painful separation or a drastic traumatic experience a long time ago. Sometimes you just need a firm hug – and deep scars can begin to heal.


120 minutes – 170.00 SFr.
90 minutes – 140.00 SFr.
60 minutes – 110.00 SFr.

5-person subscription 120′ – 820.00 SFr.
5er Abo 90′ – 690.00 SFr.
5er Abo 60′ – 540.00 SFr.

The 5er Abo, valid for 4 months, can be bought at the first time.

What do I need to bring for the cuddle?

The session takes place in clothes, so please bring something very light, thin and comfortable. We recommend not wearing bras under your clothes. Just some light clothing. Something like pyjamas, pajamas or loose home clothes. Jeans, tight tops or suits are also rather unsuitable for this.

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Do you have any further questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

We are always grateful if you make your reservations 1-2 days in advance.
This makes our planning easier and you are more likely to get your desired date.