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The code of ethics of Amantara GmbH

Together with our employees, we have worked out the following code of ethics. He will give you as a customer, but also our employees’ safety and you guarantee that you stand with us at the center.

• Our greatest concern to us is your well-being; we give you our full dedication and a loving treatment. Everything happens to your benefit.

• We consider you as a unique personality, that neither age, appearance, race, religion or social status is of importance to us.

• Absolute hygiene is for us an obvious “must”. As a countermove we also expect physical and spiritual hygiene from you, as well as mutual respect.

• Discretion is an absolute point of honor for us and is part of the high level of our service.

• The Tantric masseuse / Tantric masseur are there as a giver with all their attention and all-encompassing love for you.

• Generally it is the masseuse or masseur who guides the process of the massage. Of course you can express as a customer also the wish to renounce single applications.

• We have mostly nothing against an attentive contact on areas which are comfortable for the masseuse/masseur. The intimate area is absolutely excluded from it, in any case. Also other contacts, to caress, sexual unions, oral sex and mutual sexual actions are an absolute taboo. This is very important that the masseur/the masseuse can work in a relaxed way.

• In your everyday life you are maybe used to always having the control. To take just the experience once just, to enjoy, being able to drop it in safe and affectionate care is the secret mystery of very intense feelings. With us you may completely be you yourself and we help you in it yourself to get to know anew.

• Our massages have to convey the objective quality of life, vitality, relaxation, sensuality, development, self-awareness and well-being. So they are intended to supplement and not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment.

This Code of Ethics was created together with all our staff and all work and act accordingly.