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Certified Massager tantric by Andro
Tantra teacher ETI
NLP Coach



Tantric massage classical
Tantric massage professional
Tantric massage therapeutical
NLP Coaching

I will be available for you on the following days:

I am frequently in the institut.
Massage sessions only on prior request.


Did you change, since you give Tantric massages? If so, how?

Tantric massages changed everyone. Even me ;-). No matter, whether as a receiver or a giver. Every single time, these massages are such a sensual and profound experience, so that I become more and more soft, gentle and quiet.

What is good s.. for you?

For me, good s.. is a passionate fire of breath, excitement, lust and devotion. I love the picture of “riding the Tantric Tiger“. Good s.. is when you sit on the Tiger and he is riding with you, without you fall and get mauled. For me, good sex arises from sensitivity, serenity and a hint of “I want you now”…

Why are you working in Amantara?

I work in Amantara because I think it’s a wonderful institution. We are an excellent team, with a lot of heart energy, with lots of love and expertise. I am happy to be part of such a team.

How do you define love?

For me, love is everything and nothing. I begin to feel love, when I pause and I feel appreciation for me and everything. Then a warmth, a firmness and a nearly sacred state begins to occur. I think this is love…

What pleases you most about a regular customer?

For me, that is a sign of appreciation of my work, my skills. I’m doing good things for these people and they appreciate and accept it. I am always pleased to hear interesting news from them and how it had been. It pleases me that it feels so good to support and accompany them. I love regular customers, because with them you can go much deeper.

Is a Tantric Massage stimulating for you?

A Tantric massage can be very stimulating for me. However, it is a different excitement than the one that flows through me during the act of love. But in Tantric massage there is a form of holistic, lustful, decisive power of high esteem and admiration that perhaps can even nourish the other desire for sexual union. However, during a massage it is impossible to change from one excitement to the other.

What pleases you most when you first see a customer?

I am pleased to see the curiosity in his / her eyes. The glow when he / she enters our rooms and to see the anticipation of relaxation and letting go.



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thanks so much! That was super helpful:) Have a lovely weekend:)

Kate Beratung 16.07.2018

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