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Dear customer

I would like to provide something about our philosophy on this side briefly. As a long-standing expert of the Tantric scene and massage teacher I took over the “Amantara GmbH” since 1.1.2016.

It has also been a matter of concern for me from the outset, in September 2014 when I joined in the business, to structure the conditions of employment with our masseuses clearly and correspondingly we adjusted the terminations of the employment and our philosophy to a health centre. I am proud of the fact that the Amantara GmbH takes an exemplary function under the institutes of Tantric massages and mainly works with employees, who receive a fair and customarily salary. This gives you as a client the good feeling to be at the right place and offers to our employees security and satisfaction.

I have set myself the goal to keep the quality of our massages high, because we want to be the best. That is why we always give our best. For you as our customer, which you can always do like our focus, we have simplified the basic massage offer, which should appeal to your needs directly and get to the point. I am proud that we are also the first in Europe that define the Tantric massage so clear and the customers identify this transparency. We are not offering just everything about what we can, but specialize in Tantric massages, coaching and sexual counseling.

The Amantara GmbH has been in the usual place for over 4 years. It’s like getting cozy, relaxing and sensual. But to me that is not enough, I look more closely and we have already begun in various places with renovations and renewals, but so quietly that you don’t notice this.

I am happy about your positive experiences that you have made with us, as well as your feedback, which helps us floating with our ship flying the flag of a rich, deep, spiritual and self-determined sexuality, to stay on course. The masseuse who has cared for you, is pleased about your feedback on their profile page. If you have any wishes, a special concern or questions, please call us or send us an email.

My team and I are proud to be contributing to the Amantara to be recognized that Tantric massages socially more and more. I am working wholeheartedly for the development and establishment of a non-judgmental and loving sexuality. That’s my motivation and my elixir.

Furthermore, the Amantara team looks easy to be able to help you define to know you and your sexuality new and developing. We are all sexual beings, because otherwise we would not exist.

When do you come to us?
When may we spoil you, enchant and kidnap in the empire of the senses?

We look forward to you and are there for you.
Bye for now
Tobias, with the whole team